Forthcoming Training Programmes (Electives)

To be conducted by MNIT Jaipur, 2016-17 (upto Dec. 2016)

S. NO. Course title Course coordinator Schedule
1) Nanoelectronic Materials, Devices and Circuits Dr. C Periasamy,

Prof. D. Boolchandani

Sept/Dec 2016
2) Security in Embedded systems/Internet of Things Dr. L. Bhargava Coordinator;

Dr. Amit M. Joshi, Dr. V. Sahula

Sept/Dec 2016
3) Pattern Recognition Techniques Dr. Neeta Nain Sept/Dec 2016
4) Advanced Machine Learning Techniques for Healthcare Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Namita Mittal Sept/Dec 2016
5) Data Mining and Information Retrieval Prof M C Govil, Dr Namita mittal Sept/Dec 2016
6) Big Data Analytics for the Smart Grid

(advance course, inter disciplinary computer and electrical)

Dr. Namita Mittal, Dr. Rohit Bhakar, Dr. Prerna Jain, Dr. Dipti Saxena Sept/Dec 2016
7) Network on Chip    : An emerging paradigm for multi-core architecture Lava Bhargava, Dr Vijay laxmi Sept/Dec 2016
8) Malware Analysis:  Tools and Techniques Dr Vijay laxmi, Prof. M. S. Gaur Sept/Dec 2016
9) Internet of Things Dr. Arka Prakash Majumdar Sept/Dec 2016
10) Principles of Control Systems Engineering: Hands on Experience with MATLAB ( fundamental course) Dr. Dipti Saxena, Dr. Neeli Satyanarayan Sept/Dec 2016
11) Software Defined Networking Prof. M. S. Gaur, Dr. Meenaxy Tripathi Sept/Dec 2016
12) Distributed Databases Dr. Arti Kasyap, IIT Mandi# & faculty from CSE Sept/Dec 2016
13) Challenges in Mining Big Data Dr. Arti Kasyap, IIT Mandi# & faculty from CSE Sept/Dec 2016