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Who should attend

  • Faculty from engineering/technology/diploma institutes
  • Industry/research institute
  • Research scholars
  • Final year graduates

Registration Fee (One week FDP programme):

  1. Fee-part-1: Registration fee- common to all (Academia/industry/research-institutes)- Rs. 500/-. This fee is not applicable for those participants, who have attended Academy training programme earlier.


  1. Fee-part-2: course fee (1-week duration)
  • Course fee- Academia (faculty/PhD scholars only)- 1500/-
  • Course fee- Non-academia- 3000/-
  • Course fee- other UG/PG students- 6,250/-


Thus, total amount payable is either Rs. 2000/-, 3500/- OR Rs. 6750/- depending upon your affiliation.

How to apply

  • Online application form is available at web-site-
  • Registration fee is payable by electronic transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS) (Cheques are not accepted).
  • Fill the payment transaction ID no. in appropriate column in the online form.


  • The course fee covers the participation in the programme, registration material including tutorial notes, boarding (breakfast/lunch/Dinner) and lodging (very limited number on first-come first-served basis for outside participants only) on all the days of the workshop.
  • The travel and other expenses would have to be borne by the participants or their parent-organizations.
  • The accommodation is currently available in guest-rooms of Hostel Aurobindo, for limited number participants.

Account details

Account name: Electronics & ICT Academy MNIT Jaipur

Account no: 676801 700483

Bank: ICICI Bank, MNIT Campus, J L N Marg, Jaipur -302 017.

IFSC: ICIC0006768

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